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SMB SaaS sales consulting

My specialty? Early-stage startup consulting that drives revenue growth. I’m an experienced SaaS revenue operator and startup consultant with proven go-to-market strategy and playbooks for scale to $50M+.


Build up your sales team and grow strong. Quarter over quarter. Year over year.

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Achieve scale with someone who’s done it before. $0 to $50M+ in ARR.


Here’s the hard truth

  • Building a product and raising capital are different from taking that product to market and growing it to scale.

  • You have finite runway. You need to get it right the first time and do right by your investors.

Here’s the good news

  • I’ve built a high-performing sales team from one to hundreds of employees and led them to $50M+ in recurring revenue.

  • I’ll show you how I did it and help you do the same.


Power your revenue function.
Avoid expensive mistakes.


When you work with me, you’ll learn how to:

Build, measure, and optimize your revenue team and funnels.

Set up systems to test, iterate, and activate sales growth.

Chart the most efficient path to your next funding round or a liquidity event.

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Create your sales story. Put your product in your ideal buyer’s hands

You built a great product and sold it to investors. Now it’s time to sell it to the marketplace. I’ll guide your message away from tech features, craft a compelling sales story that solves for customer pain, and equip the revenue team to sell your solution.