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Sales leadership development

Executive education for sales leaders. Career acceleration courses coming Q4 2019.


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Don’t just generate revenue. Power the whole revenue team and function.

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Drive individual and collective success

Crushing numbers is different from managing leaders and plans. I’ll set you up to stand out from the crowd and rise to the challenge.

Want to know how to build and execute on an operating plan to $50M+? I’ll teach you.

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Enter a new organization and handle stakeholders with confidence

How can you know what you’re doing in a job you were never trained to do? I provide education for all the sales leadership skills VPs don’t teach their Directors.

Learn how to manage a board meeting, influence cross-functional buy-in, and do everything you need to succeed.


Best practices from more than a decade of sales leadership experience

My sales executive courses include:

  • Career pathing

  • Compensation plans

  • SaaS sales metrics

  • Running experiments

  • Recruiting, hiring, and onboarding

  • Stock option management

  • The executive mindset

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Don’t get taken advantage of.

Your current VP has job security and is too slammed to mentor you. Promotion opportunities are elsewhere, where you have no internal equity. 

The C suite will prey on your inexperience and eagerness to prove yourself.

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Average tenure of first-time sales VPs? 16 months

Getting that VP job in a new company is just the first step. Keeping it will be a trial by fire.

The pressure is on, and high performance requires this new skill set.


Be the first to know when my Executive Accelerator launches:

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