Actionable sales insights in live action.

Justin Welsh, founder at The Official Justin and former SVP of Sales at PatientPop, walks us through the essential elements that should go into your recruiting process if you want to build a world-class sales team.

Sales teams where the manager spends more than 20% of their time coaching reps outperform other sales teams by up to 25%. But most of the time, sales managers don't feel they have the time to coach their reps. And most sellers think their managers aren't effective coaches anyway. What gives?

Justin is the SVP of Sales at PatientPop, one of Silicon Review's 50 Fasted Growing Companies of 2018. Justin built sales offices in NYC and Los Angeles where he has been responsible for every aspect of the sales organization, going from $0 to $50M in recurring revenue in JUST FOUR AND A HALF YEARS.

Talent and skill will get you far in life, but it's having the right mindset that can truly make or break your success. It's the aspect of your career that will enhance your execution on everything. It improves your approach to solving problems, closing deals, and your entire sales process.